If you are into the survival games, where you collect stuff and fight, this might be a game you will love and get addicted to. A game for those who really like building things and play with other users online. You will not get tired of this one.

Logo of Rocket RoyaleROCKET ROYALE is a multiplayer online Player Versus Player survival game. The game is actually based in an animated map. The main objective of the game is to survive and collect various resources to build a rocket and fly away. The main focus of the game is to collect wood by cutting trees or destroy houses/huts. After collecting the wood from them, the player can use the wood to make bridges or some sort of passes to get through difficult terrain. The game consists of some objectives.

Rocket Royale

The first thing to do is to wait for the match to begin and after the countdown is finished, the player is required to move inside a specific portal. But before that, players can form up a team and its sort of like making some kind of alliance. That portal then transports the player to another place on the map and then the match officially begins. After the match is started, the players are put on some random place on the map. The players are then given a big hammer initially. Then, they are required to collect wood from various sources like trees, homes, huts, etc. The players, for the sake of their defense and survival, are then required to find and collect weapons.

Many weapons can be found during their hunt for weapons like a light machine gun, UMP, pistols, shotguns, tasers and many kinds of bombs. The players are advised not to hit the fridge found in the houses because it will freeze them and they might get killed if they are in some sort of battle with their opponents. The game is then continued by more and more difficulty in collecting the items you require.

The next objective of the game is to collect rare materials. The players are required to find and collect rare materials to build a rocket. The players are advised to look on the map to get to know whereabout of those rare materials. Those rare materials are of red color with fire blazing on it. They appear to the map in the form of a comet. The incoming comets of rare material can be seen on the map. A player is required to collect 100 pieces of rare material to build a rocket.

Rocket Royale for PC

As the game proceeds, it becomes more and more difficult to find those comets of rare materials. So, the players have one and only one option left to collect those rare materials and that is to kill their opponents. After killing them, players can collect whatever items the opponent has collected before getting killed, like weapons, wood, and rare materials.

After collecting 100 rare materials, players and their teammates can build their rocket. After building it for some time, the team can just fly away on it, which is the last task to win the game.
The players can easily see and locate their team members on the map. The map also serves the purpose of getting a more accurate view of rare materials.

There are not many online performing options in this game. Like messaging shout board, gifting your friends, helping your allies. But the game also offers many rewards as well like daily rewards and rewards earned by completing missions and tasks. They come in the form of some treasure chest. Which can be opened after a certain amount of time.

Rocket Royale on PC

The game Rocket Royale requires players to collect, build, defend, survive and fly away from the battleground with a rocket, which is an excellent thing to offer by any game. People love this kind of games because they can just play with their own style like being defensive or aggressive or just try new things and stunts. The proof that people love the game is that Google Play Store has a rating of 4.0 and Apple’s App Store has a rating of 4.4. This kind of rating is quite impressive. The game is still trendy despite from the fact that it was released in 2018.

The game might become a favorite for those who enjoy building things from scratch. The gameplay is also very nice. The controls are also good. The player is guided initially about the game and its controls and way of playing it.

There is no music or soundtrack playing in the game. Which makes sense because the players will focus more on the game than the music. The sounds of the game like running, using weapons, cutting trees, etc is also quite nice. But they can put up more work on this part of the game, as it is equally important to everything else in the game.

Many things and parts of Rocket Royale is very much similar to the game Fortnite. The map does look like the one in Fortnite. Also, the tasks like cutting trees and collecting weapons and building bridges, etc are very much similar to Fortnite. Even the graphics are like sister copy of Fortnite.

The game is quite nice, but the concern of the people comes on the graphics of the game. They are not that good. They are like pixel and smooth graphics combined. From the previous updates, they are better than before to some extent. But more work is required in this sector or part of the game. This is because today we have games like PUBG, Fornite, and Call of Duty: Mobile, etc with stunning graphics and details that may shock a human eye.

How to download Rocket Royale on PC and MAC?

Using Bluestacks


Logo of bluestacksRocket Royale is easily available on the Play store and can be downloaded through Bluestacks. You can also download using many other emulators as well. But, for the sake of better gameplay, smooth running, and secure experience, it is recommended to use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is very useful for using android apps on your Mac and windows.
Following are the steps to download the Clash of Kings through Bluestacks:

  • First of all, download Bluestacks on your PC or Mac through the link on our website
  • After downloading the Bluestacks, open it and install the app.
  • Locate the app where it is to be saved.
  • Now, start the app. Log in the Play Store account or Google account
    Start Bluestacks on PC
  • Then, you will see a search bar on the top, click on it and search “Rocket Royale.”
  • Click “Enter” and see the results
    Search Rocket Royale on Bluestacks
  • The app will appear in the results. Now click on the download button.
    Install Rocket Royale on Bluestacks
  • After the game is downloaded, open the game
  • Now you can enjoy your game.

P.S: You should have a stable and good internet connection for downloading the game.

Using Nox


Logo of NoxRocket Royale can be run on different kinds of emulators, which is a good thing so that the user has the choice of selecting his/her favorite emulator based on their interest. The game can also be played on emulators like Nox. It is a great emulator and has many settings for better user experience. Nox has an excellent appearance to run any application.
Following are the steps to download Clash of Kings on PC and Mac using Nox:

  • First of all, download the Nox on your PC or Mac using the given link:
  • After downloading Nox, open it, and install the app.
  • Locate the place where the app is to be saved.
  • Now, Start the app and log in the Play Store account or Google account.
  • After that, you will see a search bar on the top, click on it and search “Rocket Royale.”
  • Click “Enter” to see the results.
  • The app will appear in the results. Now click on the app and then the download button.
  • Wait for your game to download.
  • After the game is downloaded, open the game.
  • You can enjoy your game now.

P.S: You need a stable and good internet connection to download the game.

Rocket Royale on iOS and Android

Minimum Android Version requiered to run Rocket Royale

Logo of AndroidThe minimum requirement to run the game Rocket Royale is Android version 4.1 (Ice cream sandwich). But it is suggested to have Android version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

Minimum iOS version required to run Rocket Royalel

Logo of IOSThe minimum requirement to run the game Rocket Royale is IOS 8.0. But for smooth running and pleasant experience, you better have IOS 9.0.

Questions about Rocket Royale on mobile





Languages available

There are multiple languages available in the game, you can choose whatever you like. For instance, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Turk, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, etc.

In-app purchases of Rocket Royale

A user can purchase many things in the game like a treasure chest, piggy bank, coins, different types of pack of gears and VIP1. The purchase price ranges from 1$ to 20$. Which is quite reasonable.

Storage size of Rocket Royale

The storage size of the Rocket Royale is very reasonable with respect to the video graphics and soundtracks. It is only 75 MB in size in Google Play Store and 225.4 MB in Apple’s App Store.


The owner company of the game Rocket Royale is a Hong Kong based company named Game Spire Ltd.

Alternates games of Rocket Royale

Following are some alternative games of Rocket Royale:

Logo of FortniteFortnite, a world-renowned game which made its mark in 2017. The game is one of the most played video games in the world and also one of the most played games on mobile. Fortnite and Rocket Royale are very similar games, but the major differences come in options and gameplay like voice chat, celebratory dances and better graphics.

    • 2. PUBGM:

Logo of PUBGPUBGM needs no introduction. PUBGM is reality-based Battle Royale game. Some weapons are found in real life. PUBGM is definitely one of the most grossing games ever made. Its stunning graphics, iconic music and characters make it unique. The game is produced by one of the most technologically advanced companies, Tencent.

Logo of grand battle royale pixel FPSGrand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is another Battle Royale game. It looks like PUBGM but the big difference is the graphics. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS has pixel-based graphics. Which is quite trendy as it looks like Minecraft.

    • 4. Battlelands Royale:

Logo of Battlelands RoyaleBattlelands Royale is another Battle Royale game. But the difference is that this game has a bird-eye view and the controls are easier. You should try this game, many players recommand it as one of the best game of 2020.

Logo of Free Fire GarenaGarena Free Fire is often compared with PUBG because of its reality-based weapons and controls.

Best Gameplay features on Rocket Royale


The game is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for no cost of money at all. But it has ads and extra things require some real money. Still most part of the game is free and users can enjoy without paying a single penny.


The game has very good and easy controls. Even an amateur in mobile gaming can understand the controls by the help and tutorials in the game. The interface is also user-friendly. Every option is understood by any amateur player easily.


Rocket Royale is such a game that will make you feel that you are a part of it. The player is involved in the game to such extent that he transports into another dimension. This show that the game is really worth it.



Low-quality graphics in today’s world is not looked at in a good way. The makers have to do some quality work.


Games usually have some iconic soundtrack, like PUBGM. There should be a good soundtrack.


    • Q: Is the game free?

Ans: Yes, the game is absolutely free of cost unless you want to get some extra stuff like treasure chest and coins, etc.

    • Q: Can you play it offline?

Ans: No, it’s a Battle Royale game which is multiplayer. You must have internet access to play the game.

    • Q: Where is it available?

Ans: It is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store free of cost.

    • Q: When was the game released and what is the current version?

Ans: The game was released in 2018 by GameSpire Ltd. The current version is 1.8.1.